I love My INDIA

East or West , India is the Best

Indian Culture and sacrifice 

The thing that I love most about being Indian is living in a cultured society. I can speak my language very well without faltering.I love Indian foods, our dresses and beautiful places. I always respect and love people who sacrifice their lives and who are still struggling for the sake of India. In future, I would like to have a job in India rather than go abroad. 

India all the way

The best thing about being an Indian is that you belong to the most colorful and beautiful country in the whole world. Every state, every city in India has a different history to tell. I also like the variety of seasons, the food, clothes and the rich culture. Indians are the most intelligent of all. An Indian will serve India in every possible way. 

To be an Indian is a honor. I'm proud to be an Indian because I am in a country where people from different castes co-exist. We manage to live together, celebrate each other's festival and respect each other. We speak many languages. There is no place like India.

India is a country with a rich culture and heritage .There's such a variety of food, dances and heritage sites, India is a great country. I am proud to be an Indian because I belong to a land full of warm people, great food, cool places and the Himalayas. There is no place like India in the whole world.

Brothers one and all

In which country will you find a Muslim president, a Sikh prime minister, a Christian ruling party leader and a Hindu vice-president ruling our nation? Isn't that proof enough to show brotherhood & Love exists in My India ? What more reason can one state to say that I'm proud to be Indian

Variety is the spice in India

I love my India because we have such a rich culture, different customs, costumes, languages and spicy food! India is the true example for the phrase variety is the spice of life.

Love still exists in INDIA

Being an Indian makes you different firstly. I love to be an Indian because love and affection still exists in India. The country still has tradition , values and culture.

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