India Map Controversy

Agencies CIA, CNN & BBC chopped off Kashmir from India!

CIA's map: Northern Kashmir is shown cut off from the state and the territory forming part of Pakistan and China. In the 1962 war, China illegally occupied "Aksai Chin", the land rightfully belonging to India. Here CIA has referred to it as 'Indian claim'.

CNN's map: CNN has shown the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir as 'Disputed'. This defies the partition of India and Pakistan in accordance with the 'Indian Independence Act of 1st July 1947, passed by the British Parliament.

BBC - India Map
BBC - India Map

BBC's map: Northern Kashmir is termed as "Pakistani Kashmir". This land is well-knowned as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). But BBC has called it as "Pakistani" ie. belonging to Pakistan. Legally complete Jammu and Kashmir State belongs to India. Also BBC is silent about China occupied Kashmir.

Indian Government Map: Indian Government map shows complete state of Jammu and Kashmir as part of India with distinct borders. This version is supposed to be official. Now it's Indian Government's duty to clarify about CIA, CNN and BBC versions of Indian map.
Dear Friends,

Take a close look at the maps of Bharat (India) shown on the websites of CIA, CNN and BBC. Is this the true map of the state of Kashmir and the country, which you have learnt, visited since your schooldays?

1) The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an intelligence agency of the United States Government, responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals, and reporting such information to the various branches of the Government.
2) CNN is America's No. 1 cable news network and world-renowned news agency.

3) The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the largest publicly-funded radio and television broadcasting corporation of the United Kingdom. They have deliberately cut off Kashmir from the rest of India and offered it to Pakistan and China.

CIA has published a 'The World Factbook' of the nations of the world. The distorted map of India as shown in this protest campaign is represented in this book. Most of the world's famous websites, search engines universities like Texas etc refer to this map as a "legal" map of India. Almost 90% of the maps of India available around the world reflect this illegal and wrong version.
The partition of India and Pakistan occurred in accordance with the 'Indian Independence Act' passed by the British Parliament on 1st July 1947. There has been no alteration to the international borders set up in 1947 till date.
This is NOT a mistake due to ignorance!

1) CIA, a powerful intelligence agency of the US government and CNN has all the information about foreign governments in their hand.

2) Also to aid researchers, the Indian government has also placed an official map of India on the website.

3) The United Nations (UN) has clearly mentioned in its asian map that the "Final Status of Jammu and Kashmir has not yet been agreed upon by parties." (i.e. India and Pakistan)

Now question is even then why have the "Fact-masters" ignored these official documents and supported Pakistan by upholding their version of map. This clearly indicates CIA, CNN and BBC's prejudiced leanings towards Pakistan and thus that of US.

Be aware of the threat to our country. If we do not stand now, it will be too late. Protect the territory and freedom. Mother India needs your support. Now is the time to make your choice.


Anonymous said...

How can I protest this.

Is anybosy doing anything for it?

I seen similar matter on a website but I could not find link of that website in your posting?

Can you add as reference.

Anonymous said...

many people want to protest it but
nobody know how to do it
if we form a group then we can discuss and do necessery actions